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Rooftop Grease Containment

Detroit Hood Cleaning - Rooftop Grease Containment

If you are a long time restaurant owner you know the importance of having proper grease containment equipment in your rooftop. As with a lot of the different scenarios that we cover though, the struggles of the daily life and the things that you have to keep track of in your business may see you overlook this particular aspect. That is precisly what we want to talk about. What we can help you with is literally allowing you to forget about your rooftop grease containment. If you allow us to come in on a recurring basis we assure you that the equipment is going to be working properly all year!

Which Rooftop Grease Containment System Should I Buy?

There are certain people that will completely disregard this and just allow the grease to flow through. That can lead to fines and issues with the local government here in Detroit. That is why we recommend that you buy the proper equipment for grease containment. The problem though is that there are many different options out there for you to purchase. In general, to be able to make a smart buy you are going to need to be honest about the amount of grease that your kitchen is going to be able to put out. There are a couple of tests that we can run to help determine what the best equipment would be for you!

Equipment Maintenance

Again, as we have mentioned this is something that we hope you won’t have to worry about. Our recurring services can include this type of maintenance as well as our different hood cleaning services. If you want to go into a long term deal with us you can expect a contract that is not going to be overly biding. Plus, all sorts of discounts and fair deals on different types of services. You won’t even have to remind us to come in. We will give you a call and see if you are ready for us!

Washing The Roof

If you have any type of equipment failure or you started out without the proper equipment chances are your roof is going to be quite a mess. Getting it properly cleaned up can be easier said than done in some cases. We can pressure wash the roof and add different types of chemicals to make sure that we will be to remove all of the grease from your rooftop. This can help you avoid all sorts of fines and keep even your roofs clean.

Should I Expect Roof Maintenance Costs To Climb?

If we are able to come in at the right time, which may be before you begin to operate fully, and set up a proper containment system we can help you avoid other types of issues. Otherwise, the excessive amounts of grease and oil that could potentially fall on your roof can see you spending quite a bit of cash on roof maintenance. That is certainly something most people would like to avoid. Find out much more details about us.