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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Kitchen room with stoves, sinks and refrigerators in restaurant.

There is a lot of great places to eat in Detroit. From the corner pizza place to some of the fanciest places around town all of them could use a proper cleaning from time to time. Obviously, our main area of expertise would have to be in cleaning as a way to diminish fire hazards. There are also different types of cleaning services though that we are able to provide that go a bit beyond your hood or your kitchen exhaust system! If you want to know a little more about the little extra things that we can do for you then read along!

Why Would I Hire You To Clean?

We know that some places out here have very proud people working in them. So, it can get tough at times for an employer to sort of break the news to his or her employees that they are going to be bringing in a specialized cleaning service. As we have mentioned before we don’t have anything against daily cleaning of restaurants hood. We actually consider it highly necessary. That said, we do believe that getting them thoroughly cleaned from time to time, especially when it comes to removing grease or oil from anywhere. This can really contribute to keeping the place clean of course, but also your employees and guests safe!

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

As we have mentioned our main goal as a company is to ensure that we can keep people working in the kitchen as well as restaurant guests safe. That is why we have also taken it upon ourselves to become certified professionals when it comes to fire extinguisher maintenance. For you, as a client of ours, it is actually really beneficial. We can not only come in and make sure that your hood and other areas of your kitchen are clean, but also that the emergency equipment works properly!

Proper Use Of Pressure Washing Tools

As we’ve mentioned at times daily cleaning routines have been known to fall short. It is actually hard to be able to go through a proper thorough cleaning service on a daily basis. Pressure washing certain areas can be the best way to remove grease and other types of gunk that can easily build up in floors and walls. As a company dedicated to cleaning you can bet that our group of guys knows how to handle pressure washing tools to perfection. In order to provide our clients with premium services.

From The Pizza Place Downstairs To The Top Of The Line Resturant

Our services can be adjusted to fit different types of needs and budgets. That is why we are able to work in some of the more popular places around town regardless of what the average price for a meal is that particular place. Even if you are not yet one of the most recognized places to eat around here we will be sure to provide your establishment with a 5 start treatment each time around!