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Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Detroit Hood Cleaning - Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Here in Detroit, and from what we can gather in most of the other cities and states in the country as well, residential kitchen hood cleaning isn’t exactly something that is on everyone’s mind. We want to make sure that we do our part to try and bring it to the forefront as much as we can. Obviously, we have our set of interests in the matter there is no denying that. Still, cleaning your kitchen hood properly and in a timely manner can help prevent a multitude of issues and keep your family safe.

Signs That You Probably Could Use A Hood Cleaning Service  

One of the first signs that people tend to start noticing is that the smoke does not disperse as well as it used to when they are cooking. The worst part about that is that when this starts happening you probably have considerable grease build up already. To the point where the grease is actually blocking a lot of the other elements from entering the hood or the filters. It would be in your best interest if you were to give us a call if you start noticing that this keeps happening.

How Risky Is A “Clogged” Hood

This is something that we feel the need to address because we have heard people say things like, “Well, I have never had my hood cleaned and nothing has ever happened”. If and when something does happen you may not even have a home to come back to and potentially your neighbors won’t either. Thankfully, a lot of these hoods and overall vent systems are designed so that even with a lot of build up they can hold up properly. In a sense, though it can be as risky as keeping explosives in the house. They are not actually dangerous if they are not lit, but it only takes one spark for things to change.

We Prepare Accordingly

There are a lot of people that are actually aware of the need to clean their kitchen exhaust. They go about it the same way that they would their chimneys. Which is not entirely wrong a lot of times the concept that is being applied is exactly the same. With us though we can guarantee that you won’t have any type of debris falling into your kitchen. We will cover up the area accordingly to ensure everything will fall where we want is to. At times this debris can cause all sorts of diseases if not disposed of properly. We get it out of your way so you don’t have to worry about that though.

How Often Should I Clean My Kitchen Hood?

For restaurant kitchens, the time period between thorough cleaning services can vary anywhere from every two weeks to around every three months. In our residential hood cleaning services, we like to say around once every six months. You can extend that a little bit. Here in Detroit though, the fall can bring leaves that can act as a catalyst for fires so just keeping the season in mind is important as well!