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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Detroit Hood Cleaning - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

One of the main things that we want people to understand is that most of the times we are going to be doing full system cleaning services. Especially when we are talking about cleaning restaurant kitchens. So a lot of times you will hear this service referred to as just hood cleaning, but in reality, what they are talking about is the entire system. With that said we hope to use this page to let you know a little bit more about the actual way that we clean. Hopefully, that way you will be able to tell the difference between what we do and what amateur companies lack!

There Is A Process That We Follow

In any type of cleaning service that you could potentially hire there are always signs that you can pick up that will let you know the type of company that you are dealing with. Here in Detroit, we have a lot of capable handymen we are not denying that. At times though they will try to reach into services that they don’t entirely comprehend. That can leave you as a consumer exposed even after they clean your hood. We have a process that we go through that involves scrapping the grease from the hood, then going onto the roof and removing the fans and things like that to make sure we can pressure wash the whole vent. Next, we may address the fans directly. If that is not what you are seeing the guys you hire do you may have made a mistake!

Can All Exhaust Systems Be Cleaned? 

We have been able to handle some pretty extreme situations where we have come in and seen vents that were totally clogged up with grease build up. You add that to the fact that a lot of these metal vents where rusting badly or had other types of issues. We like to say that for the most part these kitchen exhaust systems can all be cleaned, but we have come across situations where we will recommend total replacement!

Are There Tangible Benefits?

This is actually something that a lot of people want to know, and it also what we could point to as the main reason that people hesitate to give us a call. It seems crazy to think this, but we actually understand that reducing your overall risk of having a fire in your home is not considered a tangible benefit. What we could point to though is your overall cooking experience. A proper kitchen exhaust system cleaning can help a lot more smoke raise up as you are cooking and not come right back into your face. For a person who cooks all day, we would consider that a tangible benefit.

We Find Ways To Tend To Each Unique Situation

There is really no denying the fact that each kitchen and each exhaust system can be unique. So there is no point in us treating them all the same. If you have a specific problem that you are noticing give us a call and we can certainly figure out how to handle the situation!