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From our experience, we think that it is perfectly natural to see that the people who come across our services have a lot of questions about what we do or don’t do. We could actually make the argument that we only get two types of calls. One type comes from long-time restaurant owners. These calls usually run very smoothly. They understand what they are looking for and quite frankly most of the times they are giving us a call to sort of test out our know-how and also if they can get a quote on one of our services it is a win for them. The second type of call that we get is from a person who is not very familar with the work that we do. Yet, they started experiencing a couple of issues here and there with their hood and they are not quite sure what they should do!

As we’ve said these two stereotypical clients will require a different level of help. Understanding that is one of the virtues that we look for in our customer service staff members. There is really no point to give you a full rundown of what we do if you know exactly what you want. Yet, if you are a little lost we can go the extra mile with you and make sure we get on the same page to be able to get the job done. Whatever your particular case may be you can always give us a call and find out more about what we offer!