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Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

Man inspecting the fire extinguisher against white brick wall ba

There are many different types of things that we can do to help prevent fires in kitchens. The most obvious one is to clean the entire kitchen exhaust system the right way. Yet, there are also things like fire extinguisher maintenance that we can handle. Which, in turn, can also contribute towards helping with fire prevention. There certain times where restaurants may underestimate the amount of usage that their grill or oven may get. So they have an exhaust system, but it is not necessarily built to support such heavy usage. Those are also some of the little things that we could point out to be able to contribute to the fire prevention efforts.

Overall Check-Up

You can never be too safe. With that said though that does not mean that the best thing that you can do to prevent a fire in one of these kitchens is to provide a, completly thorough cleaning service on a daily basis. You would not even have the time every single day to get it done, and as we have said before too much water can also be a bad thing. What we can do though is come in from time to time and check out the entire system and make sure that it is running smoothly.

Oven Cleaning

When we talk about hood cleaning most people are going to have a grill in mind. That is mostly true, but also a dirty oven could potentially become a fire hazard. Especially since the temperatures that it is going to be cooking at will get very high. Our preventive services can include Oven ventilation cleaning, cleaning the oven filters. Make sure though that you don’t overlook your oven in the cleaning services that you request. Of course, it is something that our guys will be quick to point out, but a lot of times it can go unnoticed and be a huge fire hazard.

Perfecting The Layout

This is something that may not be much of our business. We hope that kitchen builders don’t tell us how to do our job, but a lot of times we do wish we could have been there as they were doing theirs. There are certain appliances that should preferably not be grouped together. If you are going to have a grill and a stone oven, for example, you may want each of them to have their own ventilation system. If we were to spot something that we believe could potentially lead to trouble we will be sure to let you know.

Fire Extinguishers

At times fire extinguishers are sort of like that footnote that restaurant owners never read. Local Detroit law could come down on your restaurant if these are not placed correctly or if worse, they are not fully functional when they stop by to inspect your place. We know that a lot of times fire prevention may seem like a hassle. It is for a greater good though, and we hope that you can look at it in that light. We also offer grease containment equipment.