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About Our Team

Detroit Hood Cleaning - About

Hood cleaning is not something that should be taken lightly whether it been in homes, restaurants or other types of business. Our mission is really to bring the concept of hood cleaning into the spotlight. Hood cleaning is not just something that you can do to make your kitchen look better. It is a safety measure that should be instituted by all restuarants and all homes. With that rant, we hope that our position a business is becoming clear to you. We are not just a group of people that randomly found this particular niche and figured we could make money off of it. We are actually certified pros that are able to provide top of the line care to different types of Kitchen Exhaust Systems!

Some people also want to know why we started doing business here in the Detroit area! For one we consider ourselves locals given the time we have already spent in this area. Plus, we believe that a lot of buildings around here are very at risk still. It is natural to see that some of the older buildings around here are the ones that struggle the most with these types of issues. Going back to what we said about hood cleaning being, a safety measure that is truly one of the reasons that we continue to work hard on a daily basis. It brings us great satisfaction to be able to see how our work is actually helping a bunch of people stay safe. Contact us today for more info.